Victoria discovered her passion for animals at a young age, during her childhood summers at her grandmother’s farm.  Over the years ahead, her love of dogs lead her to having a Rottweiler of her own, who she would often present at competitions and exhibitions.  Her beloved pet received many awards throughout Europe and Russia , during this time.

As Victoria’s love for this work grew and developed over time, she made the decision to become a Pet Handler.  She began her journey in 2003, and it was during this period of her life that she fell in love with grooming.  Victoria worked hard to learn everything she could about the industry, and received some wonderful mentorship and training.  As a result, she became a Pet Stylist.

By the time she left Latvia, and arrived in Canada in 2009, she had 5 years of experience under her belt.  Additionally, she had been involved with a security company that utilized police dogs.  Even with the arrival of her beautiful daughters, Daniella and Alyssa, Victoria maintained her skills, by offering grooming services to family and friends.

With the arrival of 2016, there began to be more time in Victoria’s world.  With both daughters in daycare, she was looking for something to sink her teeth into.  Later in 2016, she ventured to Europe, where she worked as a dog groomer assistant – having made the decision to become a Professional Groomer back in Canada.  Her time overseas enabled her to experience many unique educational opportunities, not accessible to her back home.

Victoria attended Grooming School while in Europe – and graduated from the Europe School of Dog Grooming and Handling, from the Professional Pet Stylist program.  She was honoured to receive a Red Diploma and Certificate of Excellence, as a Master Groomer.  Once back in Canada, she updated her Pet First Aid Certificate, which brings us to the present.




Victoria believes dogs simply make us better people.

She loves what she does, and possess exceptional abilities and knowledge regarding breed-specific cuts.  Victoria also performs scissor cuts for dogs.

Victoria feels every pet should be treated with the same love and affection their own pet-parents would provide.  She does her best to ensure that each fur-baby is safe, comfortable and happy while in her care.

She loves making pets feel and look their best.  And her favorite part is those sloppy wet canine kisses afterwards.

If you would like to experience Victoria’s uniquely personalized services, please do get in touch.  She guarantees exemplary results, and values your feedback and ideas immensely.

She looks forward to meeting you and your furry ones, very soon.







We strive to facilitate a service you can count on; providing assurance that your pets are pampered and loved while in our care.


Choosing the right Groomer is a very personal decision. Important factors in making a choice include a solid foundation of knowledge, a caring demeanor, and demonstrated interest in the well-being of your beloved pet. Let’s compare the benefits of home pet grooming versus salon grooming:

Home Grooming
  • Stress-free bookings, due to increased flexibility
  • One-on-one personalized service – at our door
  • Clear pricing with no upsell – pay only for what you want
  • No necessity for crates or cages
  • Time to fluff-dry, for lasting beauty
  • Special care options for your older/disabled pet
  • Hand-scissoring and grooming to breed standard
  • A clean, sanitary, professional environment
  • A caring, individualized approach
  • Limited exposure to other animals, and potential diseases/parasites

Retail Store/Salon

  • Crowding contributes to stress – for you and your pet
  • Limited flexibility regarding bookings
  • A general need for use of cages or crates
  • Exposure to other animals may increase probability of illness
  • Older/disabled pets may not have customized needs met
  • Upsells are common

Your satisfaction is important to us, and we are continually working to exceed your needs and expectations.

As such, we offer the following:

  • Pet first-aid certified Groomers
  • Grooming services for all canine breeds
  • Continuous effort to grow and learn
  • Use of products that are designed for various coats, promoting proper skin management.


Heinger Saphir Style clipper

Low-noise and high-performance 35 W permanent magnet motor. High performance battery with the latest Lithium-ion technology for continuous clipping. Over 90 minutes of clipping time with less than 60 minutes of charging time. High-quality charger with additional charging dock for 2nd battery and charging indicator. Large selection of interchangeable clipping blades, compatible with Andis, Moser, Oster and Wahl.

Accordion Table-Electric

Extremely stable and sturdy, this table has a broad lifting range of motion of 11″ to 49″. Load capacity of 280 lbs. Welded grooming arm clamps fixed to both ends(with adjuster knobs to raise & lower height of arm) Overhead grooming included. Removable table top to clean and refresh easily.


Non-metal Professional Dog Grooming Tub. High quality and made of easy to use plastic that is built to last. Constructed of sturdy, high density polypropylene. Its constructed to resist rusting and tarnishing. The bottom of the tub features a non-skid paw texture that prevents slipping. Adjustable height and a convenient shampoo caddy. Removable raised flood grate makes it easier to groom smaller breeds.

Air Force Master Blaster Dryer

High performance. Metro packed so much power into its innovatively-designed Blaster and Master Blaster series, they cut drying time as much as 75%. Just flip the switch and these two high-speed dryers literally ‘blast’ water off the wettest dogs, faster and more efficiently. This is the most powerful dryer available today. And Metro Air Force Blasters are perfectly safe. They have a heating element so they dry even heavy-coated dogs without drying out their coats. Groom dogs beautifully in less time.